Say Hello To These Two

Remember that Snicker’s ice cream I showed you? Well guess what, there’s more. I have the Oreo and Reese’s flavored ones.


I tried to find the Reese’s one in a bigger size, but I guess this was all they had. Let me break down the taste of both of these beauties. The Reese’s: more chocolaty with maybe a hint of a peanut butter after taste. I don’t know how to describe it but it was good. Plus it has chunks of Reese’s candy in it, my favorite candy.
The Oreo’s: this was heaven. This is perhaps my favorite flavor (with the Snicker’s being second then the Reese’s). Sooooooo good y’all don’t understand. The pieces of Oreo cookies made it that much more better!

  All in all, both of these were sooooooo good. If you like chocolate, go for the Reese’s. If you like vanilla, go for the Oreo’s. I definitely recommend giving these a try.

My Favorite Cookies

A couple if days ago I posted the strawberry cheesecake cookies. Well here are the cookies that was responsible for me to even giving those a try. Good ole white chocolate and macadamia nut. After eating these, I became addicted to them. My favorite cookies. When you guys get a chance, try these cookies. Caution: you may fall into a blissful heaven after the first bite (they are just that good). Thank you Pepperidge Farms for making these.