That’s delicious sandwich is courtesy of my job. It’s a chicken parmesan sandwich. I was is looking to the menu trying to decide what I wanted to get. I decided hey why not try something new this time. So I opted for this beauty. Quite different from the average steaks and hoagies that I would normally get.


It’s good to try new things and this proves it 🙌

Good Morning

Good morning everyone. Hope you all are having a good morning so far just wanted to share a quick breakfast that my mom fixed up. Some good ole talapia and home fries. As you can see, I love home fries lol. I can never get mines to taste just like my moms. Gotta ask what’s get secret lol.  The talapia is and added bonus.


I love when my mom makes breakfast. Hope this helps jump start your morning. Have a good day everyone 😊


OK OK I’m back for good this time. I collected some more pics I want to share with you guys. Right now here’s a something quick I wanted to share with you guys. I’ve always seen this candy in the store and often contemplated on getting but then would always turn it down. Well today I bit the bullet and brought some Lancaster vanilla and caramel soft cremes. Two of my favorite things together. It should’ve been a no brainer right? Idk why I didn’t get these sooner.


These are sooooooo good. I think they just became my new addiction lol. I definitely suggest that you guys try this. That’s it for today but I’ll be back tomorrow for sure. Get a bag of these ASAP. 

First post of 2016

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their new year. Today is just a quick post lol. I’ve actually been craving a cheese steak. Look at it. All good and what not. I forgot where this is curtsey of ( I’ll edit the post when I find out). That’s it for today


Pizza, Pizza!

OK don’t kill me. I’m back you guys. Was trying to find more delicious food that you guys would love. Today is just a lazy day but fear not I have more food to show you guys. For now feast your eyes on this delicious pizza from my favorite pizza place, Giovanni’s.


I love burnt crust as well 🙌🙌🙌.

Good Morning!

Hello hello hey hello hello! Good morning every one. I hope your Saturday gets off to a good start. Mines is going great so far. I have a good breakfast I want share.


Nothing like some good ole ham waffles and eggs to share. Have a great weekend everyone!


While we’re are coming down from the big Thanksgiving feast and getting ready to chow down on the leftovers (or figure new ways to reinvent them). I just wanted to show you guys a taste of what I had.


Some good ole baked Mac and cheese, savory collard greens, Turkey and mashed potatoes smothered in some delicious turkey gravy. Again this was only a little taste. I had waaaaaaaayyyyyyy more then this (about 4 different plates). I hope you guys enjoyed your Thanksgiving. What all did you have to eat?

Rib Trio

My cousin wanted to go our to eat. So we took a trip to Fridays (after a long debate). So I tried this rib trio I saw on the menu (which was a specialty at the time). You get a choice of three ribs from the five they had on the menu. The three I chose was the apple wood smoked ribs with bacon, the bourbon ribs and the Jack Daniel ribs.  Man were they good. Fries also came with this. I also wanted done BBQ sauce on the side (am I weird for that?). All three ribs were amazing!! My favorite had to be the Jack Daniels ribs. Those were just heaven!


We also chose mozzarella sticks as our appetizer. They funny thing is, we were getting free refills on these (maybe it was because of the time idk I wasn’t complaining). These were amazing as well. I love mozzarella sticks anyway lol.


All in all, this trip was definitely worth it.