Say Hello To These Two

Remember that Snicker’s ice cream I showed you? Well guess what, there’s more. I have the Oreo and Reese’s flavored ones.


I tried to find the Reese’s one in a bigger size, but I guess this was all they had. Let me break down the taste of both of these beauties. The Reese’s: more chocolaty with maybe a hint of a peanut butter after taste. I don’t know how to describe it but it was good. Plus it has chunks of Reese’s candy in it, my favorite candy.
The Oreo’s: this was heaven. This is perhaps my favorite flavor (with the Snicker’s being second then the Reese’s). Sooooooo good y’all don’t understand. The pieces of Oreo cookies made it that much more better!

  All in all, both of these were sooooooo good. If you like chocolate, go for the Reese’s. If you like vanilla, go for the Oreo’s. I definitely recommend giving these a try.


Man oh man having I been craving these bad boys. Pizza fries!


I’ve actually been thinking about these for a minute. I just never had the chance to order them lol. Of course I know you can make your own (which I probably will just to see if I got it), but they were free (well at least for me lol). These were so good. OK OK enough rambling, I have to put another order in for these (or try making my own). Don’t they look heavenly?

A very very late Valentine’s post.

  OK so I originally planned to post this on Valentine’s day but as you can probably tell, that didn’t exactly happen. Well here are my two favorites that I got for Valentine’s day


Here’s a strawberry cheesecake. It was in the shape of a heart but I guess during my travels, it got a little disfigured lol. This was my mom’s gift courtesy of my little brother.

  Me being me, I don’t just get one thing. So here’s one of the many things that I have been craving for about a year now.


My favorite! Strawberry shortcake. I missed this cake sooooooo much, you guys don’t understand. I’ve literally been craving for this like a mad man. One day, I’m going to make my own to satisfy my cravings. Of course, its long gone now so now my cravings begin once more. Oh boy.