While we’re are coming down from the big Thanksgiving feast and getting ready to chow down on the leftovers (or figure new ways to reinvent them). I just wanted to show you guys a taste of what I had.


Some good ole baked Mac and cheese, savory collard greens, Turkey and mashed potatoes smothered in some delicious turkey gravy. Again this was only a little taste. I had waaaaaaaayyyyyyy more then this (about 4 different plates). I hope you guys enjoyed your Thanksgiving. What all did you have to eat?

Rib Trio

My cousin wanted to go our to eat. So we took a trip to Fridays (after a long debate). So I tried this rib trio I saw on the menu (which was a specialty at the time). You get a choice of three ribs from the five they had on the menu. The three I chose was the apple wood smoked ribs with bacon, the bourbon ribs and the Jack Daniel ribs.  Man were they good. Fries also came with this. I also wanted done BBQ sauce on the side (am I weird for that?). All three ribs were amazing!! My favorite had to be the Jack Daniels ribs. Those were just heaven!


We also chose mozzarella sticks as our appetizer. They funny thing is, we were getting free refills on these (maybe it was because of the time idk I wasn’t complaining). These were amazing as well. I love mozzarella sticks anyway lol.


All in all, this trip was definitely worth it.

My Favorite Cookies

A couple if days ago I posted the strawberry cheesecake cookies. Well here are the cookies that was responsible for me to even giving those a try. Good ole white chocolate and macadamia nut. After eating these, I became addicted to them. My favorite cookies. When you guys get a chance, try these cookies. Caution: you may fall into a blissful heaven after the first bite (they are just that good). Thank you Pepperidge Farms for making these.


One Of My Favorites

There’s only I’ve thing that I really crave when I want Chinese food. That is some good ole beef and broccoli. I love this meal sooooooo much you guys don’t even understand.


As you can see, this is freshly made. Just look at that all that steam from the food itself. I swear I love this dish so much. What’s your favorite Chinese dish?

Green Eggs Cafe!!

Ah! One of my favorite places to visit. Its called Green Eggs Cafe. I actually had saw this place on instagram and I had to pay them a visit. So after talking to my best friend, we decided to go and see what it was all about. Man oh man was I glad we went. We got a breakfast combo. We got the famous red velvet French toast, some hash browns and turkey bacon.


Look at those babies! Man oh man were they well worth it. These were actually the customer’s favorite according to a waiter. One of their very few specialties.


Here’s our home fries. I normally like the cubed/ diced version but sliced is just as good.


Last but not least, some good ole turkey bacon. A little bit more saltier than regular bacon (in my opinion) but I love it just as much.
You guys have to definitely check this place out. You can see some of the seasonal meals they make on thier instagram/Facebook @Green Eggs Cafe. You can also visit their website to see what they are currently serving. Here’s the link:
Lucky for me, there’s 3 of them here in the Philadelphia area. I have another meal that I got from them but I’ll show you at another time (I know what a tease lol). Have a good day everyone!!


One of my favorite things to eat. Such a good lazy meal. Especially when you don’t feel look cooking half of the time. Plus I love trying different varieties of pizza. Here’s one of my favorites. Buffalo chicken!


Such a perfect blend of Buffalo chicken and good ole pizza. Has that extra kick of heat mixed in with the savory flavor of sauce! This pizza comes courtesy of my favorite pizza place: Bravo’s Pizzeria! You guys have to try them out if you’re in Philly.

Early Morning Breakfast

Good morning everyone! I have a feeling that today is going to be a good day. So seeing as though I’m in a good mood, I decided to cook breakfast. It’s been a while since I cooked breakfast (still got it 🙌🙌). I decided to make some French toast with turkey sausage on the side. I know your probably wondering where the eggs are. I wasn’t really in the mood for them today.


Excuse the sausage, they actually have the left over cinnamon from the French toast still on them. Surprisingly though, it gave them that extra kick. Not bad at all! Have a great day everyone!

Try This

Don’t kill me! I have food for you guys. This is just something quick for the moment. If you’re ice cream lover I suggest you try this specialty flavor from Breyers.


Strawberry cheesecake!! My favorite flavor of cheese made into ice cream. This was sooooooo good. Seriously. I don’t have any pictures if the inside (kinda regret that now). I can describe it for you guys though. Well actually the ice cream is in the picture lol. This was really really really good. So good that I had to get three containers of just this one flavor. They also had a Snickers one that I also bought. I recommend trying both of them if you can find them. Well worth it. Trust me!

Update: I here’s the Snickers one found the picture.