Lazy Day

Don’t kill me I have food lol. Today is one of those days where we feel like coming but not going all out. Guess who made this meal? Me. We got fried chicken chops, macaroni and cheese and broccoli. I really didn’t feel like going overboard so I just whipped this up for everybody. Those chicken chops were so tender and juicy. Heaven. Have you every mixed broccoli and Mac and cheese together? Heaven as well. What’s your favorite lazy meal?


Quick Fix

Just something quick because my mom and sister wanted something quick to easy plus I didn’t feel like doing a lot of dishes (lazy, I know). I’m gonna start experimenting on the stove soon. So heres some tasty talapia (I think I spelled it right).


Quick and Easy

There’s nothing like a home cooked meal am I right, but when the weather isn’t exactly being your best friend, you tend to make a light meal. Am I right? Maybe it’s just me that does that, lol I guess I might be alone on this one lol. Here’s something quick and easy. Fried chicken, rice, and a side of broccoli. Quick easy and simple (excuse the sugar container lol I put that on my rice. That’s not weird is it?).  Guess who cooked that? I did lol.  Didn’t know I could cook did ya? What are your quick and easy meals?



I was really nervous about making this blog lol. I kept thinking about the negatives. That almost kept me from making this blog. Thanks to all the encouragement from my friends, I made it. So sit back and enjoy the ride. We’re not going anywhere.

Saturday’s News on a Sunday

Yesterday I went to red lobster and it was worth it lol. I had the shrimp your way (you get to pick from four different types of shrimp). I had fried shrimp, popcorn shrimp, and garlic shrimp scampi (or something like that ctfu it was good so whatever). Originally I thought you only got to choose one side. Turns out you actually got to choose two (bonus points lobster, bonus points).  So I chose broccoli and mashed potatoes. Both of them was sooooooo good (no lie). The broccoli was buttered y’all and tender. The mashed potatoes was just plain heaven!  Note to self: get the recipe lol. Our waiter was super nice and well spoken.  Mental note: carry loose money because he definitely deserved the tip. Would you believe me if I told you that was my first time even being at red lobster? Right you wouldn’t but it was. I definitely will be a frequent customer.


Whats up!

Welcome to my blog! I was nervous to make this (don’t know why lol). Everyone that knows me know I love food (trust me they’ll tel you). So I finally stopped talking about it and made a blog for it. You find pictures of food from places that me and my friends have been to. Some of it maybe even homemade. So sit back relax and try not to drool on your screen. That was corny I know. I’m working on it